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Your platform for talent
Your platform for opportunity
Your platform for ambition

Your platform for...

Talent Ambition Opportunity

Your platform for talent
Your platform for opportunity
Your platform for ambition

Your platform for...

Talent Ambition Opportunity

360Work combines machine learning and human intelligence to offer an all-in-one quality & efficient hiring solution across:

Qualified Employees

Key long-term staff to help you build the business, its uniqueness, know-how and culture.


Experts with specialised knowledge that you bring in at specific times to help your organisation learn and grow.

Professional Freelancers

Proven contractors who can take on projects to deal with resource peaks.

Industries we work with

We partner with Startups & SMEs in:

and more...

Permanent / Contract / Freelance     •    
Remote / Hybrid / On-site     •    
Local / International     •    
Individual / Teams

Hire quality talent, faster

As a growing business, you want to hire top quality talent – you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of CVs, talking to unsuitable people or hiring the wrong person.

Let us take away the pain, cost and time of finding qualified employees, expert consultants or professional freelancers.

AI talent-filtering and matching solution, moderated by a human relationship manager

Head-hunting search through millions of talents from a global talent pool of local & international networks

Receive quality shortlist of vetted talents screened and interviewed by our technical relationship managers

Dedicated support and tools to help you at every stage of the hiring process

Risk-free based on no-hire no-fee structure; No upfront fees; No hidden costs

Hire Talent It’s Risk-Free!
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Looking for a niche talent, specific service or skill?

Speak with our technical relationship managers to find your next talent.

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Whether you are looking for permanent jobs, consultancy contracts or freelance projects, we’ve got you covered. Sign up for free, complete your profile and get matched today.

It’s free to join and apply for jobs, consultancy & projects

All listed jobs and projects are fully vetted

Matching and filtering, through smart algorithms and shortlisting by our human relationship managers

Option to work solo or as part of a team

Fair Wage for Fair Work Policy (for freelance projects)

Low commission rates for freelance projects

Secure data privacy and payment system

Hire a ready-made team of consultants / freelancers, or let us assemble one for you!

Many projects require multi-disciplinary teams to complete specialist activities including research and development projects, grant applications, upskill training and all forms of consultancy services.

Speak with one of our technical relationship managers to connect you with a ready-made team of experts, or ask us to assemble the right team for you.

Professional talents can create teams, work on their own projects or collaborate with businesses on cutting-edge projects.
How it works for teams

Schedule a call - let us assemble the right team for you.

360Work ProToolkit

Streamline productivity, accelerate teamwork!

Access to our built-in project & budget management suite of tools to streamline productivity, accelerate teamwork and manage overall budget, time and resources.

What our customers say...

  • Pure Logo

    Quick, straightforward, and efficient service.

    Quote Mark

    We received a shortlist of qualified candidates in a short time. The flow for the entire hiring process was very smooth and worked well with our setup. The pricing was affordable; thanks for that.

    We are pleased with our new hire and looking forward to working with 360WORK soon.”

    Peter Ogley
    CEO at Pure International Ltd
  • Articulate logo

    Put simply they did a great job!

    Quote Mark

    We had a very niche role to fill. The team at 360WORK was excellent. Firstly, they listened to our requirements (I'm amazed how many firms miss this step). Then they worked hard to clear out a lot of no-fit responses so we didn't waste time.

    They also pointed out when they believed a talent was more than their CV might suggest. We ended up hiring a talent we'd have otherwise passed up.”

    Paul Evans
    CEO at Articulate XYZ Ltd
  • “Professional service and excellent customer support”

    Alex Brown

    “Quality talent, fantastic job!”

    Andrew Lloyds

    “It surely is a win-win situation”

    Patricia Nicola
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