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360WORK is the modern digital recruitment platform for hiring global talents

Who we are

We are passionate about technology, innovation, and have the drive to deliver best-in-class recruitment solutions that connect global talents with the right opportunities in more efficient ways.

Our vision

A world where global talents are connected with hirers and collaborate on a modern and targeted platform.

Our mission

Combining machine and human intelligence to offer an efficient and cost-effective global hiring solution.

360WORK provides dedicated support and the ProToolkit, to help you at every stage of the hiring process.

Why 360WORK

What is 360WORK about?

360WORK is about helping companies to refine and develop their human resources strategy and plans; and about individuals finding the careers they deserve and the job they would love. Human resources - people - are the most impactful asset that a company can have. Construct, refine and motivate quality talent.

We’ve created 360WORK to help companies to thoroughly and systematically approach this important topic and ensure they do the right thing.

For People: We also believe one’s career is among the most important life matters. At 360WORK we are relentless in matching individuals with work that best matches their skill, culture and lifestyle.

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Our ethics & values

Diversity and inclusion

360WORK is a diverse and inclusive platform. We are only interested in the skills and abilities of talents, not gender, race or disability. We expect tolerance from all our users and clients.

Real work for real people

All jobs and projects on 360WORK are real and fully vetted. Our relationship managers use smart algorithms to find, screen, interview and shortlist vetted and qualified talents for every job.

Fair wage for fair work

We believe that everyone deserves fair pay and are against the exploitation of workers and ‘race-to-the-bottom’ job prices.

To ensure this, we’ve created a ‘Fair fee for fair work’ policy that doesn’t allow unfairly low-paid jobs to be posted on our platform.   Learn More

We care about the world...

At 360WORK, we care about people, society and our planet; and are committed to making the world a better place!

Read our committment to sustaibility

Executive team

Saman Nejad
Saman Aria-Nejad
CEO & Founder

Saman is a self-motivated entrepreneur with over 18 years experience making digital products from start to end and working cross-functionally with teams in enterprise, agency and start-up environments.

Sir Hossein Yassaie
Sir Hossein Yassaie

Sir Hossein Yassaie is a leading figure on the world technology stage with a deep belief in technological innovation and disruptions. He was the CEO of Imagination Technologies Plc until Feb 2016, where he created the highly successful silicon IP business.

Donato Cappiello
Donato Cappiello
Director, Engineering

Donato is a senior software engineer expert in development and delivery of high technology software products and solutions, improving operations and procedures to drive revenue and grow market share.

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Passion for technology and talent...

We are chosen as recruitment partners by many leading companies, as we are passionate about technology, innovation and have the drive to deliver the best-in-class recruitment solution that connects global talents with the right opportunities in more efficient ways.

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