Do you need to OVERHAUL your recruitment strategy?

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You, like many business leaders right now, are probably spending hours pondering the organisational challenges of the current climate. A dispersed hybrid team, a risky climate, fluctuating recruitment requirements and escalating demand on HR.  

What’s the challenge?

The technology sector, like many others, is currently going through one of the biggest and fastest overhauls it’s seen in a while. Like an unruly teenager transitioning to adulthood, it’s holding on to what it knows and loves with one hand and fighting for independence with the other!

As with every well intended parenting solution, there is no one size fits all. Each and every business is unique, and this is not the time for big risks or massive investment in a weighty permanent workforce. Now, more than ever, businesses need to be nimble, ready to adapt to the twists and turns of the working environment. FAST!

This is why it’s so important to get the recruitment strategy right. It can make or break a business and putting in the time up-front ensures it can grow safely and efficiently.

How to get the strategy right.

A modern technology business needs flexibility be able tap into the right talent at the right time. The best way to negotiate this new world of work, is to create a solid recruitment strategy with fluid layers of employee expertise. A steadily growing core of long-term employees that can be layered with long- or short-term consultants and freelancers that enable the business to quickly up- or down-skill as it needs.  

1. Qualified Employees. 

Key long-term staff to build the business and be the ‘know how’, the culture and uniqueness of a brand. Maintaining the core employees means the culture is solid and a business can grow at a steady, risk-free rate knowing that strategic planning, intellectual property creation and core operational activities are taken care of.

Recruitment Mix: Permanent/ Temporary. Full time/ Part time. Remote/ On-site/ Hybrid. Local/ International.

2. Expert Consultants.

Specialised knowledge to call on when it’s needed, such as to overcome a specific challenge or learn and grow.

Recruitment Mix: Contract. Full-time/ Part-time. Remote/ On-site/ Hybrid. Local/ International. Individual/ Team.

3. Professional Freelancers.

Proven expertise to take on projects in resource peaks.   

Recruitment Mix: Project Based. Short-term/ Long-term. Remote/ On-site/ Hybrid. Local/ International. Individual/ Team.

What is the right mix of skills?

Office based work will always exist to some extent, but it's expected that by 2025 most workers will be working at least five days a month from home.

Any forward-thinking recruiter will be looking for a hybrid team with a very specific set of skills. Whether recruiting from a global workforce or ‘down the road’, the strategy needs to accommodate a more diverse and meritocratic workforce with greater focus on soft skills to counteract the natural loss of creativity and ‘human connection’.

The new essential workforce skills

  • Flexibility
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Integrity & Ethics
  • Adaptability (teamwork, independence)
  • Resilience & Problem solving
  • Creativity
  • Communication

How to find the right team?

As with any good business plan, there are rich rewards when time is put into strategising up front. It’s vital to leverage the best of machine learning and human intelligence to find the perfect match of hard and soft skills for a dispersed or hybrid team.

You will never replace the human touch, but using a mix of smart algorithms to comb hundreds of CV’s AND human relationship managers that take the time to understand a business’s requirements, language or culture means you will end up with a quality short list and ultimately the best talent to meet your needs.

Sir Hossein Yassaie suggests that “A modern technology business should take advantage of hiring the right mix of talent and work styles over time to get the job done and to grow safely and efficiently.” Associating with an all-in-one recruitment platform like 360WORK that seeks out the best talent from around the globe, means you can quickly and cost effectively meet the needs of the new world of work.

So, with the new year looming, how will you overhaul your recruitment strategy and mix of work talent and styles, to help your business safely navigate and grow in 2022?

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