What is the best remote interview software for tech hiring?

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Whether you are building a team of remote technical experts, or you are looking for an individual to advance your software capabilities, you want to be sure the talent you hire has the right skillset for your project. At 360WORK, our relationship managers take care of candidate screening to ensure that you are only presented with quality resources that fit your requirements.

When faced with your final interviews, it may be appropriate to conduct a live coding task to examine a candidate’s ability to troubleshoot bugs in real time, or how they work with a specific team member in pair programming. 

If you are looking for remote talent, you will be conducting tests online rather than in person to simulate a realistic working environment. There are countless self-service tools you can use to plan and deliver live coding tasks at interview – in this blog we review some of the best.


1. 360WORK ProToolkit

First up is 360work's very own ProToolkit, which includes suite of tools for scheduling, tracking interview calls and a comprehensive project and budget management solution.

360WORK has partnered with HackerRank to offer technical assessments in Technology, Software Development and Data Science as part of their candidate interview and shortlisting process.

Hirers can schedule, conduct and track Audio/Video interview calls through the 360WORK platform. Learn more about 360WORK ProToolkit.

2. CoderInterview

Covering 25+ languages including front-end Vue.js, React and Angular, CodeInterview says what it does on the tin and functions as an easy-to-use tool for conducting live coding tasks. 

The software focuses on collaboration, and offers audio and video capabilities which make it easy for interviewers to work with candidates on real time programming projects in an integrated development environment (IDE). Sessions can be replayed, and the platform also features SSO and coding templates for interview.

Although the simplest tool in our list, we think that the flexibility on the pay as you go or monthly payment options will suit small to medium businesses looking to fill one or a small handful of positions on a project. Using CodeInterview costs as little as $5 USD per candidate.


3. CoderPad

Next is Coderpad, which includes the same features as CodeInterview but also offers take-home projects. CoderPad is one of the most popular coding interview platforms, offering over 30 programming languages, including good representation of front end languages. 

The platform is very easy to use and interviewers are able to set up live questions and instructions ahead of time. This means tasks can be easily selected and dropped into the start of an interview. Pricing is still reasonable, although they only offer monthly subscriptions, starting at $50 USD for 5 interviews.


4. Coderbyte 

Coderbyte’s live interviewing capabilities are a step up from CodeInterview and CoderPad, which may be useful if you need to assess candidates on a wide variety of skills or you want extra functionality.

Multiple interviewers can join a session on Coderbyte, and there is the option to use a whiteboard for brainstorming during the interview. Moreover, Coderbyte seeks to prevent plagiarism within live sessions by integrating Google search into their text editor, meaning candidates can search for results while they are coding without changing tabs. As an interviewer you will be able to see this process, and Coderbyte will notify you about any copy and pasting actions in the editor.

The only drawback is that Coderbyte does not offer audio and video capabilities or SSO, but there is an API integration via Zapier which should make it easy for you to use your existing communication software within the platform.

Coderbyte features a flexible selection of pay per candidate, pay monthly and pay annually options aimed to suit businesses of all sizes. The platform also offers tools for screening and take-home projects within their subscription costs. If you are conducting a talent search from scratch these tools will undoubtedly come in useful, but if you are using a 360WORK's relationship manager then these additional features may just be costly and unnecessary extras. 


5. Codility

Codility is a fully integrated system that is best suited to large multinational corporations thanks to the platform’s price point and functionality that supports large scale teams.

Organisations like Microsoft, Amazon and Tesla use the site to screen and live interview talent, using tools such as CodeLive. Featuring 40+ languages and technologies, the service can also facilitate coding challenges alongside screening, tests and live interviews. 

While the software is undoubtedly some of the best around, it is unlikely you will need to access Codility’s enterprise features in a live coding interview. If you are looking for a platform with enhanced live programming capabilities and you are not a large corporation, then Coderbyte is a more cost-effective option.


If you need further help sourcing talent, screening resources and selecting the best remote tech interview software to suit your individual needs, get in touch and find an expert with 360WORK.

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