Clear Path Coaching

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The Brief 

Help promote the launch of Clear Path Coaching, with a social post and pre-launch script to accompany it. The tone is helpful, vulnerable, powerful, and relatable. 

The Deliverables

Read, edit and enhance the pre-written script and help edit the social post. Both would be used for Instagram and Facebook ahead of the official launch of the program, mid-January. 

Who’s It For?

This particular coaching program has been specifically designed for men suffering from poor mental health. The client is very open and vocal about his personal journey which helps to resonate his message with potential audiences. The men can be of any age or background but must have the base desire to want to improve their mental wellbeing. 

The Benefit

The 4-week mindset program will indiscriminately help men struggling with their mental health. The framework provided that the members will follow helps to adjust their mindset and learn how to maintain that they can be lead a more positive and productive life. Their coach is an open book, free from judgement and genuinely interested in the betterment of his peers, it’s a safe and supportive place to be. It's also incredible value too. 

The Solution 

Fortunately for me, much of the wording was already present, I helped polish it and ensure that the message came across in the strongest way possible. This meant swapping out some words in favour of more powerful language and helping with structure so that the script flowed succinctly and with purpose. I did create the tag line of “Own It, Control It, Use It” which now serves as the company motto.

Author: Marco Biondi F

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