Well Lane

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The Brief 

Revise the individual sections of the website to really make the product pop and give a rich insight into how this fantastic range has been lovingly created. The tone is informative, friendly, local, ethical, and natural. 

The Deliverables 

Homepage, including the Product Descriptions, About Us, More Info, and create a new, separate page that spoke to the ethos of the brand itself, and the people responsible for its creation. 

Who’s It For?

Insights provided a demographic of mostly females aged 35-55. The salon behind the product range has a well-established clientele locally, with the haircare range having launched later, in December 2019. Well Lane customers will be looking for a hair care product that nourishes, revitalises, and gives the performance of salon-quality products but also, may be environmentally conscious when it comes to waste and the ethics behind sourcing the ingredients. 

The Benefit 

When a customer chooses Well Lane Haircare products, they are choosing to support an independent, sustainably conscious business that wants to offer the performance of salon professional products, without any of the downfalls that affect our beautiful oceans and precious environment. Well Lane is affordable and luxurious haircare. 

The Solution 

As well as the obvious desire to drive sales of this remarkable product line, we wanted to really hone in on the benefits of using the naturally sourced, vegan, and Ecocert compliant ingredients that Well Lane products contain, and as well as that, we also wanted to connect with people that share a philosophy of preserving our coastlines and oceans. The way I describe this? Nature Meets Nurture. That’s the driving force behind everything Well Lane offer and the coherence between internal and external care.

Author: Marco Biondi F

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