Why is it that important to ask prospects questions? Reveal the main reasons to ask power sales questions

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Why is it that important to ask prospects questions? Reveal the main reasons to ask power sales questions

Most entrepreneurs comprehend that they should ask their consumers questions. However, the most basic question why they do that, not everyone can answer completely.

Understanding this crucial topic is like revealing the recipe behind a dish. Knowing the main reason for asking sales questions would lead you to apprehend what questions you should ask.

In the next article I'd elaborate on 9 primary reasons why you should ask sales questions following with a main conclusion at the end.

Measuring customers' willingness to speak with you

Would you open a door without Knocking? Probably you don't.

The same principle is relevant to sales.

First you want to ask the customers, if they want to speak with you. This, without asking directly.

You can inquire rhetorical questions like:

Are you looking for X, right?

I've seen or read that you have Y, correct?

Then, you can hear if the prospects are flowing with the sales conversation and less suspicious.

Creating customers' proximity

This is an after effect of asking questions. If you ask the right power questions, customers would start to speak about themselves. In this case, you can learn more about the customers and find similar topics you can discuss.

 Furthermore, when the customers talk about themselves, they would feel more connected to you. Provided that, you listen!

Reveals the level of maturity of the customers to close the deal

You should ask the prospects about their level of needs or wants, Additionally, how urgent is it for them to solve their problems, or what have they already done to face their problems?

At that moment, you can apprehend how much the customers would be willing to buy from you. The consumers can answer a straight answer or even extend on their problems. This is when you know that the customers are more prepared to close the deal.

However, if the customers are indifferent or hesitate, the chances they would buy is much lower.

Comprehending customers' problems

This is one of the questions you must ask your customers. Meaning you highlight what is the reason that you have this conversation. Customers explaining about their problems. Their answers direct you to what are the solutions they search for.

Exposing customers' dreams or goals

You can either ask about customers' problems or dreams. Those are two different methods to reach the same goals.

Instead of asking about the customers challenges, you ask them about their desires or destinations.

The kind of questions you ask, depends on the customer's type of communication. Also, on the product itself

You should test which types of questions work for you the best.

Comprehending customers' needs

It is not enough to discover customers' problems, You also ought to face their willingness to solve their problems.

In that matter, you need to ask about their needs. It would assist you later on when presenting the product. You would know what benefits you should emphasize about your product.

Step transition between my introduction and product presentation

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make is jumping into product presentation. When doing that, prospects would be less cooperative and more passive listeners.

You ought to share customers with the conversations. When you ask customer questions, they have to answer. You create dialogue. Also, it is more logical for the prospects that you would extend about the product, after asking questions.

Focusing on what is relevant for the consumers

We have been discussing this important matter before. However, we should elaborate some more due to its significance.

The power questions you ask, assist you to characterize the customers' problems or goals. Afterward, you dive deeper to really apprehend what is the reason you speak. Then, you spotlight their willingness to buy.

The information you receive, would help you emphasize the most suitable products' benefits. When presenting the product, you could indicate what the customers want to hear and give them exactly what they need or want.

Asking the customers to close the deal

Even at the end of your sales speech, there are questions to ask. This is called closing questions.

Simply ask the prospects to close indirectly likewise: 

In which color do you want the product?

To which address (or email address) do you want to receive the goods?

Do you prefer package one or package two?

These are all questions leading the customers to buy the product.


Power sales questions are the heart of every sale. Skipping on this important sales phase would definitely result in losing deals.

From the moment you start the sales conversation, though raising needs or wants, presenting the product and closing the deal, you ask sales questions.

This is why you ought to know what questions should be asked in the introduction. Which questions you must ask in the asking questions phase and in what form. Even, when you try to close the deal, you should have at least 5 different closing questions to utilize.

Eventually, you would know why the customers are speaking with you, what their pain or desires, do they want to speak to you, how much they are willing to close the deal and it can even direct the prospects to buy the product.

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Author: Ori D

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