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Remote working is here to stay – but previous hiring models are no longer fit for purpose. Meet the makers of the cutting-edge, super-efficient way to find experts…

Remote working in the past was not trusted by many employers, who had concerns over management control; productivity; and the feared break-up of team spirit. It didn’t help that videoconferencing was an expensive, often unreliable technology.

In 2020, everything changed. Rapid fibre-optic cable and wifi had already paved the way for Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.: suddenly the tech reached a mass audience, as employers and their stay-at-home workforces proved that high-quality communication was possible. Studies showed that home-based workers were often more productive than office-bound commuters.

All observers now predict that remote working (either part-time or permanent), and outsourcing, will be fixtures in the business landscape; and together, their combined share of the employment market will continue to grow. In the heart of this ‘new normal’, Prolancer is positioned to offer hirers a genuinely superior outsourcing service.

How is Prolancer Different?

There are many first-generation freelancing online platforms: but, for Hirers and Freelancers alike, their business model is inefficient.

Have you tried to hire people this way? you always get a mixed bag of submissions; with little evidence that the platform exercises any quality control.

Isn’t it a pain to have to source individuals one-by-one, each with just one speciality; you have no way of knowing if they are compatible with the others that you need to carry out a project. When it comes to any sort of team building – you’re on your own…

Prolancer is the next-gen freelancing platform that provides a collaborative and efficient marketplace to connect and precisely match top-rated professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

 Saman Aria-Nejad – Prolancer CEO and Founder: 

‘Throughout my career, I worked both as a freelancer and also a hirer who had to outsource projects from time to time. I discovered the difficulties a freelancer faces and also realised the challenges a hirer goes through when outsourcing projects.

In 2017, I decided there had to be a better way for companies to confidently outsource projects and hire vetted professionals. And for freelance to earn a fair wage for fair work and have a better collaboration with companies and other freelancers.  

Now, after 4 years of research and development, we are proud to have built this platform that serves both companies and professional freelancers.’

Prolancer’s USPs

Prolancer’s USPs are designed to help companies save time, money and resources:

  • Receive shortlist of top vetted talent: To complement the Prolancer transformational platform, our Prolancer’s Relationship Managers (RMs) work with clients to understand their requirements, location and business culture. They'll create accurate and effective job descriptions for posting on the platform and will use the platform to find, assess, interview and shortlist top talents. RMs will provide support from start to finish ensuring every project gets professionally done.
  • Teamwork & collaboration: In addition to sourcing individual talents, Prolancer helps companies to hire ready-made expert teams already on the platform. Professionals from businesses and universities can form teams, undertake multi-faceted projects and solve real-world business problems.
  • ProToolkit as standard: Prolancer’s built-in management suite of tools is designed for remote and secure project management and streamlines productivity, accelerates teamwork and helps with managing overall budget, time and resources.

Sir Hossein Yassaie, Prolancer Chairman:

‘Teamwork is vital for any company to effectively cope with the post-pandemic era, particularly as projects become more complex and multidisciplinary. Prolancer’s team-sourcing solution directs individual accomplishments toward organisational and team objectives; and opens a new door for global remote teamworking.’

Prolancer promotes equality, diversity and fair wage for fair work, setting a minimum £12/hour or £100/day. Shortlisting is based purely on individuals’ competences and the platform provides a totally inclusive and equal opportunity to all members.

Start hiring prolancers today!

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