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I am delighted to announce the publication of my latest edited book, "Many-Core Computing: Hardware and Software", edited by myself and Professor Bashir Al-Hashimi, and published by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (ISBN: 978-1-78561-582-5). It is written for researchers, engineers, designers, architects and managers (from academic research and industry), and advanced students in Computer, Information and Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Description: Computing has moved away from a focus on performance-centric serial computation, instead towards energy-efficient parallel computation. This provides continued performance increases without increasing clock frequencies, and overcomes the thermal and power limitations of the dark-silicon era. As the number of parallel cores increases, we transition into the many-core computing era. There is considerable interest in developing methods, tools, architectures and applications to support many-core computing. The primary aim of this edited book is to provide a timely and coherent account of the recent advances in many-core computing research. Starting with programming models, operating systems and their applications; the authors present runtime management techniques, followed by system modelling, verification and testing methods, and architectures and systems. The book ends with some examples of innovative applications.

The book contains 22 chapters contributed by experts from around the globe, spanning the hardware and software challenges in this exciting research area:

  1. Section 1: Programming Models, Operating Systems and ApplicationsHPC with many-core processors
  2. Xavier Martorell, Jorge Bellon, Victor Lopez, Vicenc Beltran, Sergi Mateo, Xavier Teruel, Eduard Ayguade, and Jesus Labarta
  3. From Irregular Heterogenous Software to Reconfigurable Hardware
  4. John Wickerson and George A. Constantinides
  5. Operating systems for many-core systems
  6. Hendrik Borghorst and Olaf Spinczyk
  7. Decoupling the Programming Model from Resource Management in Throughput Processors
  8. Nandita Vijaykumar, Kevin Hsieh, Gennady Pekhimenko, Samira Khan, Ashish Shrestha, Saugata Ghose, Adwait Jog, Phillip B. Gibbons, and Onur Mutlu
  9. Tools and Workloads for Many-Core Computing
  10. Amit Kumar Singh, Piotr Dziurzanski, Geoff V. Merrett, and Bashir M. Al-Hashimi
  11. Hardware and Software Performance in Deep Learning
  12. Andrew Anderson, James Garland, Yuan Wen, Barbara Barabasz, Kaveena Persand, Aravind Vasudevan, and David Gregg
  13. Section 2: Runtime ManagementAdaptive, Reflective Middleware for Power and Energy Management in Many-Core Heterogeneous Systems
  14. Tiago Muck, Amir M. Rahmani, and Nikil Dutt
  15. Advances in power management of many-core processors
  16. Andrea Bartolini and Davide Rossi
  17. Runtime thermal management of many-core systems
  18. Anup Das and Akash Kumar
  19. Adaptive Packet Processing on CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Platforms
  20. Arian Maghazeh, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Alexandru Andrei, Unmesh D. Bordoloi, and Usman Dastgeer
  21. From Power-Efficient to Power-Driven Computing
  22. Rishad Shafik and Alex Yakovlev
  23. Section 3: System Modelling, Verification and TestingModelling Many-Core Architectures
  24. Guihai Yan, Jiajun Li, and Xiaowei Li
  25. Power modelling of multi-core systems
  26. Matthew J. Walker, Geoff V. Merrett, and Bashir Al-Hashimi
  27. Developing Portable Embedded Software for Multi-Core Systems Through Formal Abstraction and Refinement
  28. Asieh Salehi Fathabadi, Mohammadsadegh Dalvandi, and Michael Butler
  29. Self-testing of multi-core processors
  30. Michael A. Skitsas, Marco Restifo, Maria K. Michael, Chrysostomos Nicopoulos, Paolo Bernardi, and Ernesto Sanchez
  31. Advances in Hardware Reliability of Reconfigurable Many-Core Embedded Systems
  32. Lars Bauer, Hongyan Zhang, Michael A. Kochte, Eric Schneider, Hans-Joachim Wunderlich, and Jorg Henkel
  33. Section 4: Architectures and SystemsMany-core Processor Architectures
  34. Prasenjit Chakraborty, Bharath Narasimha Swamy, and Preeti Ranjan Panda
  35. Silicon Photonics Enabled Rack-Scale Many-Core System
  36. Peng Yang, Zhehui Wang, Zhifei Wang, Xuanqi Chen, Luan H.K. Duong, and Jiang Xu
  37. Cognitive I/O for 3D-Integrated Many-Core Systems
  38. Hao Yu, Sai Manoj Pudukotai Dinakarrao, and Hantao Huang
  39. Approximate Computing across the Hardware and Software Stacks
  40. Muhammad Shafique, Osman Hasan, Rehan Hafiz, Sana Mazahir, Muhammad Abdullah Hanif, and Semeen Rehman
  41. Many-core systems for big-data computing
  42. Sam Ainsworth and Timothy M. Jones
  43. Biologically-Inspired Massively-Parallel Computation
  44. Steve Furber

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Author: Geoff M

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