The insurance platform

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The insurance platform, which simplifies the process of getting Insurance to match customer's needs.

Our role was crucial in creating such a web platform that simplifies the process of buying any insurance. The main goal was to have a platform as simple as ABC where Users just with a couple of clicks receive the list of insurances that match their needs.

The main challenge of this project was to build a dynamic platform where the set of questions and rules could be easily managed without any changes in the code. This platform is built in a way, that could be extended anytime without any influence on the existing features. developed a fully manageable system for the Insurance market − complete functionality and new design representation. Developing this software we have taken into account our Client’s business needs and experience since the main business requirement of this project was to easily manage the information in Admin panel, simplicity in design and laconic interface.

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Author: Yuriy N

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