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The project

Throughout the development of the SparkFunnels product, a specific feature was being requested by our users, through support, interviews, etc. This functionality was the ability to be able to send emails that were not directly linked (And hence automated in the funnel) to a specific sales funnel.

The problem

At first, the product was made only to automate sales funnels, which includes Emails. But you can only send emails to the people who are captured by a specific sales funnels created by a user. That's a problem because after the sales funnel is done, those who did not buy the product, wouldn't receive anything else from the user. So whenever the user create a new funnel, he wouldn't be able to use that formerly captured list.

The process

Since we already knew that the feature would be very important for our user, our main goal was to define which format would be the best to get things done for our user. Thus, we went directly for the benchmarking, trying to get how similar tools offered this feature to their users. After the bench was done, we have used some techniques such as "Crazy 8s" and "6 thinking hats" to identify the best flows and exactly what should we offer. The techniques allowed us to better align with the team and stakeholders and gave us less risk to proceed with the first prototype, which we have used to make some usability tests with users of our product. After receiving the feedbacks, we corrected the flow based on their feedback and proceed to finish the UI and flow, moving it for the delivery.

The deliveries

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Author: Rodrigo D

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