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The project

HeroSpark has sought to offer products to help digital entrepreneurs throughout their entire trajectory. And, an affiliate platform certainly could not be left out. The company's management team gave us the challenge of creating something to tackle the affiliate market opportunity, but with one catch: We couldn't have a marketplace, for strategic and differentiation reasons. We would need to create a platform to empower producers who were already using the company's other products, and already working with an affiliate strategy somewhere else, but without having a marketplace.

The problem

In the affiliate's market, it is a common practice to work with a marketplace. But we could identify that there's another opportunity not being tackled in the market: Offer a white label platform that the entrepreneur could use to manage their affiliate's program, totally integrated with a sales funnel tool and a member's area tool, both already from the herospark portfolio. The problem was to identify if the idea would actually be accepted in the market.

The process

1) Benchmarking and ideation process: For that we evaluate several affiliates platforms. Also, we've made few brainstorming sessions and several meetings with stakeholders from several areas, so we could define what would we have in the product.

2) Research: Both qualitative as quantitative. We gather a few users who already worked with an affiliate strategy. Talked to 7 of them and made a quantitative research with more than 250 people.

3) Wire framing: After understanding the market, pains and if a proposal as ours would be accepted, we defined few wireframes, so we could share with our stakeholders and get everyone onboard with the details of everything.

4) Prototyping and usability tests: After getting the wireframes approved, we've made a prototype in Figma. That prototype we have used for usability tests.

5) MVP: After getting the expected results with our prototype, we started to put the MVP in production and proceed with an MVP. For the MVP we decided to offer only for a few users, so we could work very closely to them. We selected 10 users who already were working with an affiliate strategy and during a whole month we talked pretty much every day, understanding every detail of what was good, not good, what worked, what should be improved and so on.

6) We have just done with the MVP, and we're starting to start with the beta launch of it.

The delivery

Check out the details here:

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Author: Rodrigo D

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