W Wallet_ E-wallet App for Fiat and Crypto

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With e-wallet it is enough to download only one app and manage your finances as conveniently as possible: pay for a Netflix subscription with dollars, pay for purchases on Amazon with bitcoins, and much more.


Cryptocurrency is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, and recently it has become especially popular. That is why it is important that it is perceived not as something alien and unknown, but as something understandable and familiar. It is important to make life easier, especially for beginners, so that to buy cryptocurrency they do not need to register on a variety of different resources and face a completely incomprehensible world, where new terms are everywhere and nothing familiar.


So, one of the steps to achieve this goal is to create an electronic wallet in which a person can store not only fiat money but also crypto. Due to the fact that this application is a mixture of the functionality of a standard e-wallet and the functionality of exchange, cryptocurrency will no longer create the impression of something isolated, from another world.

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Author: Aleks G

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