Data Scientist

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I help companies make data-driven decision using their data. I am fluent in Python and R languages. I have previously completed data analytics and machine learning projects.

Digital Development Initiative Project:

-  The project uses a World Bank data for the analysis in R language

-  Cleaned dataset and removed any anomalies from data

-  The objective is to find 10 best countries that deserve the World Bank funding for digital development

-  Filtered out data based on different features such as their GDP, Internet Users etc.

-  Feature engineering of some features to make less but more meaningful variables to analyse

-  The future predictions of each country growth are evaluated using Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) time series model

Letter Recognition using machine learning

-  The project was carried out twice. Each time using different algorithm

-  XGBoost and KNN algorithms were used to compare the performance of ensemble model with single algorithm model

-  The code was implemented in Python and the results showed improved recall and accuracy of above 94% when ensemble model is used

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Author: Danial K

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