Pharmacy Order Management System

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Pharmacy Order Management System

A web-based pharmacy order management system (OMS) that enables a pharmaceutical company’s personnel to serialize each product item in a packaged order. This order management software system can print labels, read barcodes, and produce serial numbers.

All individualized drugs must be given a serial number, according to the most recent pharmacy-related regulations. This task is usually completed during the product packing process. Our goal was to make the process of creating and applying serial numbers to previously packaged products in pharmacies easier.

Our programmers were tasked with developing an order management software system that included authentication and authorization for users with varying levels of access. The pharmaceutical order management system has to be able to produce serial numbers, scan barcodes for product items, and print labels. The customer requested that we construct the back end of the project as well, knowing that our company provides Node.js development services. In addition, the OMS programme had to be able to work with peripherals.

Ordering System


Our company has extensive experience in custom software development, allowing us to construct high-quality order management systems for a variety of businesses. All received orders are routed to a web-based management system to be processed. Users can receive notifications using this pharmacy-oriented software. If an order is declined for whatever reason, a message will be sent to the consumer explaining why the order was declined and offering to establish a new one. Node.js was used to create the system’s backend. It allowed us to distribute the load evenly across the servers and ensure that everything ran well.

The operator of this pharmacy management system has access to all orders and can choose which ones to process. If this operator has no other orders, the management system will process the order, and the pharmacy operator can begin scanning the products from the order list one by one.

If there are any issues with the order, the built-in reporting module allows operators to write reports. Users can write reports manually or use the management system’s pre-defined reporting templates.

We used the Webix JavaScript library to create a clean and intuitive user interface for this order management system.

Ordering System


We collaborated with the customer’s team on the front-end of their pharmacy package management system. During the software development process, we used the Scrum technique.

Users can utilise the order management system we built to:

# Take orders from customers

# Orders are sorted based on a set of criteria.

# Mark orders based on their current status: New, unfinished, completed, and so on.

# Inspect a product, print labels, produce a serial number.

# Use one of the provided templates to create reports.

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Author: Pratap Singh K

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