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Paris, France Senior

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A Paris-based startup is currently developing a promising new B2B Messaging Application!  This will be a revolutionary new tool which will help businesses in the Sales & Marketing sector to keep-up in their communications and correspondence with their customers. This new app could be integrated with world-famous Sales & Marketing CRM platforms such as Salesforce, and is therefore a very practical tool for Sales-related businesses to help advance their strategies.

The new app could also be integrated with other professional diary & calendar-related tools and applications such as Calendly, to give customers a more streamlined and efficient interface.

The Company is looking for a new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who can lead and direct all the technological aspects of the new product launch.

The successful candidate will be ideally based in, or willing to relocate to Paris, France. However, the Company is also considering candidates with strong leadership backgrounds who can work on semi-remote-basis (where they are required to travel to the Company’s offices as and when required).

The company is looking for someone who is passionate about technology and specifically, about Start-up businesses; who can lead the Company’s Technology Department and help develop the most effective and efficient strategies for launching their new product. 

A suitable candidate will be able to communicate effectively on a regular basis and within a professional capacity, with other developers in the Company’s team, as well as with other stakeholders, and customers. 

The Company’s Executives are experienced programmers and have a record of leading successful Tech-related businesses in the past. They are looking for someone with a passion for growth and developments in the field of technology, who is willing to take risks and looks at this opportunity as a potential great investment opportunity, for the future.

The ideal candidate is an experienced CTO or Senior Software Developer with 6+ years experience in a leadership role, who can:

  • Develop new strategies for launch of their new product(s)

  • Design and implement the best practices for the Company to deliver and utilise resources more efficiently for the development of their new product(s)

  • Form new strategies to ensure that the new app launch and any subsequent updates are safe and secure, for both the Company & the Customers

  • Evaluate and implement new improvements in the product(s)

  • Ensure that there is a healthy and collaborative environment within the Company’s Technology department and beyond

  • Efficiently communicate the Company’s top-level technological goals across the business

  • Build and lead the most effective team of developers, now and in the future 


Your daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead and deliver new technical strategies that align with the business vision, mission and goals

  • Communicate these strategies with other developers within the Company

  • Ensure new systems for new product development are streamlined and efficient

  • Ensure the efficient use of resources for the launch & development of new product(s)

  • Be hands on with new product development and analysis of product quality (i.e. this role requires some coding in Node.js, Angular, React Native, & FireBase programming languages)

  • Ensure the profitability of the new product(s) and any subsequent updates

  • Discover new ways for the Company to implement quality assurance and data protection processes

  • Supervise the Company’s entire technology department and needs

  • Flag issues as soon as they appear and design and lead new strategies for improvements

  • Communicate with the Company’s executives and develop new KPIs, accordingly

  • Supervise the Company’s IT budget and KPIs and ensure the Company uses technology profitably

  • Supervise the Company’s new product launch performance

  • Communicate with and receive feedback from customers and stakeholders and design new ways for improvements in the Company’s products and technology

Requirements for this position:

  • BSc/BA in Computer Science, Software Development, Engineering, or a related field; an MBA would be an advantage

  • Previous experience as a CTO or a Senior Software Developer in a leadership capacity

  • Previous experience coding with Node.js, Angular, React Native, & FireBase

  • Capacity to lead and deliver new strategies

  • Excellent leadership and organizational skills

  • Ability to think strategically and align these strategies with a Company’s goals

  • Excellent communication and people skills in a leadership capacity

  • Great problem-solving abilities & ability to build new strategies to overcome technological challenges across the business

  • A deep knowledge and understanding of new technologies and trends in the market

  • A solid understanding of budgets and strategic financial goals

  • Proven experience in building new technological strategies

  • A good understanding of and/or previous experience of business-planning

  • Proven experience of technological analysis and/or research

  • Previous experience dealing with investors, stakeholders or customers in a leadership capacity


Salary:  The Company is offering a base Salary of €45,000 with a potential for up to a 15% share in the Company's equity, for the right candidate.

Salary is subject to annual reviews and increases.


Location:  Paris, France

Candidates can work on Semi-remote-basis, but they are required to travel to the Company’s offices as and when required.

Skills required for this job:
Angular Firebase React
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  • Work Style Flexible
  • Experience Senior
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type Per Year
  • Location Paris, France

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