Our commitment to sustainability

At 360WORK, We Care...

We care about people... We care about our society… We care about our planet!

We are committed to making the world a better place!

Having a healthier population is part of what makes us a happier society

At home, we need healthy relationships. At work, we need a healthy professional environment. But what happens in-between is also very important for the overall health of our society.

The time we spend commuting to work, the amount of fuel we use and the pollution it causes, the location restrictions we have on climbing the professional ladder, and the opportunities we miss by not being in the right place at the right time… these are also important matters that make us a more unhealthy society!

We are trying to make the world a better place. How?

In the wake of the pandemic, there is a significant shift in employment attitudes. There is a re-assessment of businesses’ and people's priorities, and how they would like to continue in this new world of work. Most employers have embraced remote and hybrid working environments; while employees are seeking more flexible work and they aim to achieve a better work-life balance.

360WORK is taking the lead by enabling businesses to hire 360-degree talent globally, providing the right tools, services and support to enhance remote teamwork and collaboration.

By hiring remote talent, we can:

Reduce human CO2 emissions...
Eliminating the need for travelling to and from a workplace.

Reduce unnecessary immigration...
Which is often used (and abused) as a political bargaining chip. As such, immigrants can be treated unfairly. By working remotely, talented overseas freelancers need not leave their beloved homeland and emigrate to an unknown place. They will not endure the financial and mental costs associated with emigration; and at the same time can develop their professional career and experiences by working remotely for national and international companies and their partners.

Reduce unnecessary costs...
Remote working helps businesses to save on office space costs, bills, employee relocation schemes and a lot more. Employees could save money by not commuting to the workplace by car, train or other transport; while enjoying a better work-life balance.

Reduce time waste...
No travelling to and from work means not getting stuck in traffic every morning and every afternoon. You will not be stressed out when you get back home - and you can use the time you save for more important work tasks; personal projects; or of course family and fun time!

360WORK means lower costs for hirers...
Linking back to immigration, businesses often spend a lot of money to hire and relocate employees from overseas. This acts as a barrier to hiring the best professionals - especially for start-ups who need to have top talent by their side, developing and growing their ideas. You can hire global professionals remotely, without paying for work visas, immigration applications & relocation costs!

360WORK is a flexible workplace

This will - in and of itself - reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as well as enhance our commitment to ensure that talented people worldwide have equal opportunities to find a job they desire at 360WORK. By creating a flexible work environment where our team members have the opportunity to work on a fully or partially-remote basis, we are also taking seriously our commitments to reduce the financial and other costs of travelling to and from work.

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